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Working together

Workshopping the GoCardless leadership team

If you've got something that needs working on but aren't quite sure where to start, please do get in touch. I can look at the different possibilities, and shape a brief around your specific circumstances. If it turns out that I'm the perfect fit, great! If not, I can almost certainly introduce you to someone who is.

There's no one particular way that I like to work, but over the years I've found that most projects encompass one or more of the sections below:

User Insight

What your customers say and do is, of course, different. The question is: why?

I’ll work with you to uncover the motivations behind user behaviour, and develop real insights you can apply across your business — from product development to customer service.

Experience vision & strategy

With a solid understanding of your customers, you’re in a great position to define the way they experience your products.

I can audit the current experience, identify opportunities and areas for improvement, and work with you to develop a vision for the future. When combined with customer insights, an inspiring vision will help you ensure your products have a point of view — something crucial in today’s ever changing market. Finally, I’ll work with you to create a roadmap of projects to achieve your goals.

Product & service design

You’ve got a roadmap of exciting projects to deliver, so let’s get to work.

I have a lot of experience designing and launching websites, apps, and experiences that customers love. To make sure we’re on the right track, I'll create prototypes and test with real customers; and to get big projects shipped I can assemble a top notch team from a small, tight network of collaborators.


Sometimes you’ve just got more questions than answers, and aren’t sure what to do.

I can work with you on an ongoing or ad-hoc basis, providing advice on subjects including: what to do with your current products, where new opportunites lie, design hiring, and building robust design processes.

Early wireframes for a sign-up flow

As I mentioned, there really is no one-size-fits-all project, so please feel free to email me to discuss working together.

Some past projects