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The recurring payments network that GoCardless is building means that, for the first time, anyone can adopt a subscription business model — previously the domain of online behemoths like Spotify and Netflix.

One December afternoon, Alasdair Monk and I decided to celebrate this. We created Subschristmas, a site full of gifts that keep on giving. It's a selection of small independent businesses (that use GoCardless) offering subscriptions that make amazing gifts. They aren’t your typical ‘pay monthly’ services (gas bills), instead they offer something new, something more creative.

The homepage of subschristmas.com

We partnered up on the concept, and I took the lead on the design and branding, whilst Alasdair led the build, using Meteor to get it up and running quickly.

A few days later we pushed it live to subschristmas.com and shared it with the featured merchants.

Why wouldn't you make a christmas tree out of your name?

The site generated a large amount of publicity for us and our merchants, helping establish GoCardless as someone enabaling creativity on the internet.

If you have a web project that you'd like to discuss, you can email me on hello@anothertompetty.com.

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